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dogedog e dogedoge doge edog

I've mostly moved accounts to :iconsynderen:
(more info coming soon!)

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( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

about me: currently a sophomore in college studying chemical engineering; I like to draw and write stuff in my spare time.

I'm very good at procrastinating, losing important things, and forgetting people's birthdays. I'M SORRY PLEASE FORGIVE.
[[FIRST OF ALL HUGE APOLOGIES....I HAVE BEEN SO INACTIVE GAH. I'll write another journal later for more explains, but here AT LAST /like fricking 2 months later, cuz I didn't want to post this journal til I left comments on ALL THE THINS and had more monies in my bank :'D / I have the wienerssssz!]]


I actually ended up adding another place for a few reasons~

prize: ($30 + medium-detailed pic by me) + journal feature
[[note medium-detail = a lil more detailed than this: ]]
:iconredcyclon: with:

DoS1 - One for Sorrow by RedCyclon-> DoS3 - Threspasser by RedCyclon -> DoS2 - Possession by RedCyclon -> DoS4 - Checkmate by RedCyclon 
(then with additional sketch concepts:  DoS - refscraps by RedCyclon DoS - moar scraps by RedCyclon)

I think you can tell by the sheer amount of submissions by RedCyclon that a LOT of thought was put into her characters. Reading the descriptions of the pics in the above order even gives a little storyline, complete with a backstory and a conflict with details SO CLOSE to canon, i could pretty easily drop this character into my story with minimal changes. Her added twists were just fantastic and exciting to read. I'm still in awe!

(However, I've decided to make a separate first place because... about a year ago, RedCyclon helped me figure out a few plot points I was having trouble with in my story. I sent her a 40 page document/excerpt explaining some technical detail behind my Guardians (WHICH SHE ACTUALLY READ AND I'M STILL PROBABLY THE MOST FLATTERED PERSON IN THE WORLD RIGHT NOW) and... while I didn't consider this an unfair advantage at first because the purpose of this contest wasn't how close to "canon" the entries were, I realized there probably was a little advantage to having something very solid to build off of, in terms of detail. Despite this, RedCyclon's entries are by far the most detailed and completely deserving of a first place! CONGRATS MAN ;u; )

prize: ($30 + medium-detailed pic by me) + journal feature
:iconnaota-sama: with:
:Contest: Guardian Sisters by Naota-sama This is going to be fun! by Naota-sama :contest: Ideki Ref by Naota-sama :Contest: Asura ref by Naota-sama :contest: Hel'Naga by Naota-sama :contest: Undan by Naota-sama
Miss Naota also made a neat little story behind her charas; I loved the unique relationship between the main ones and their contrasting personalities, and how well they related to their gods! It was so fun to read, and I couldn't help but imagine all sorts of story possibilities with these guys. And that's definitely the sign of a winner in this contest--the amount of detail was enough to make you feel like the world they live in exists, where the range of stories are limitless *o*

( OH MY GOD THIS WAS HARD. You have no idea. I want to tell everyone first of all THAT EVERY ENTRY WAS INCREDIBLE. If there was any way I could give prizes to more I'd do it, but time and monies are short atm ;_____; !)
prize: $10 + quick pic by me + feature
:iconmekko-chan: with:
Guardian Concept by Mekko-chan 

I wasn't able to put my finger on it for a while, but this entry has stuck with me longest since the contest ended. I think it's the simplicity yet originality of this team. It's certainly not EASY to make a big, huge epic story about epic characters and powerful gods and such, but sometimes the smaller-scale is more relatable and more personal, and just feels so warm in your heart. I adore these characters and their relationship; they're wonderful!

:icondtrain2695: with:
.:Burning Body:. by DTrain2695 There Is No God... by DTrain2695 ...Because I Killed God by DTrain2695

I think what made this stand out to me most (aside from that badass dragon Vehemence) was the interesting conflict introduced in the last picture. Guardian slayers linked with fake gods??? I loved that idea, along with these characters who have their own interesting conflicts. Again, just reading the descriptions started sparking my brain with all sorts of stories about these characters, and all of them were EPIC!

I have a few points hanging around, and I reallyreally wanted to showcase these guys and their outstanding entries ;; *WANTS ALL THE MONEY IN THE WORLD TO THROW AT U ALL* So, I know 50 points isn't much, but it's a little something to show my gratitude for three people.

:iconquetzalesmeral: Kamoxtli God by QuetzalEsmeral Anit ref sheet by QuetzalEsmeral1 by QuetzalEsmeral I LOVED her interpretation of the Guardians! it was a unique theme and the god's designs were just stunning! I think Kamoxtli had my favorite design out of all the entries, and Anit was so lovable :heart:

:iconkhezix: Guardian Contest Entry by Khezix IT'S A FREAKING COMIC.......... And I love how so much was portrayed about their relationship just in this four-panel story. It gave me feels. //plus I'm kinda a sucker for biomechanic things *shifty eyes* Especially when it involves something so fluffy and adorable like that owl, Night.
:iconpromsie: Sado Baton Guardian of Strength by Promsie ReGrowth by Promsie Sado's design though?? AND HIS GOD IS BASED OFF A SECRETARY BIRD LIKE can this get any cooler? He's such a badass. Love his abilities and his backstory, they were plain amazing! If you've got a little time on your hands I highly recommend reading it.

~ ~ ~
More Amazing Entries! ;_;
Contest: A Goddess with her Guardian by Inferno-Aries Guardian Wip by Inferno-Aries guardian Spencer by Saphitstrue Barst and Aegipan by DxRhym Connor by TwilitTiger Create-a-Guardian contest: EREBOS AND VULKYN by KrystalPaige Clouds in my backpack by KissKissKawaii Roxxie the Atom Bomb (Contest) by JinxCrest101 [Rosy] Guardian Phoenix by Bm-C .: PaTh Of ThAnAtos:. by Goddess-Mayura W.I.P: Guardian by GothKat11234 Apolo whitouth wings (in progress) by samysay Guardian Noah sketch (in progress) by samysayGuardian of Spirits by Pinlin Contestentry: Baldhart by Apoca-ChanIngens Pinstris-God of Misconception by Apoca-Chan Reeflections of us Both by 10kdays

Again, thanks so much everyone for entering! and thanks EVEN MORE for your patience with me DX! Although it was a lot more work than I thought (there were literally twice as many entries than I'd anticipated by the poll :O ) it was SO much fun to read your ideas and see your interpretation. I hope it was fun for you as well! *THROWS CONFETTI E'RYWHERE*


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naomi2321 Featured By Owner Jun 29, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Thanks for the watch!! 
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Hey~ i was wondering how you go on about art commissions for websites? D: my guild website for the MMO DragonNest, is looking for a new artist for our banner asap and i was wondering if you were willing to make a little something for free and in which i feature your banner on our website for the month ;-; ? our guild site is ~ please let me know ^^!

the size of the banner to be based off of can be based off of one of our older ones since it was the perfect size:…

these are the characters that i wanted drawn~

any style really. feel free to have fun with it ~ i guess a note with be to have "ChibiAmmy" and "Communist" in the middle since they are a couple but feel free to place the rest how you want~ been getting a lot of chibis lately but i'm open for any style~

here are some other examples of free banners featured on our website monthly:…
indui Featured By Owner Jun 24, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
hey man, I appreciate the offer! unfortunately I don't do requests ;u; good luck!
KuchikixRukia Featured By Owner Jun 24, 2014  Student Artist
no worries ;-; <3 thankies for the reply !
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