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I'VE NEVER DONE A COLLAB BEFORE D: I was just thinking about this today, pretty randomly. 

I think it would be really refreshing to try it out. I'm in a bit of an art rut, not much liking any of my sketches or linearts XDD If anyone has lines/knows of lines around the interwebs that I could color, that would be real neato. Just link it here or send a note, if you'd like.

Preferably thinner lineart, and something kinda dynamic. But don't feel shy if you've got something totally opposite of that. Sometimes trying completely weird/crazy things is a good way to break free from art block *TUMBLES ACROSS THE OCEAN*

/whisper I might color several, maybe none..., I might post them, might not. idk just whatever I'm in the mood for <:
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Heyall howdy :llama:
I'm looking for more booooookksss to read!

basically, something with a light-hearted plot/writing but heavier themes?
that probably sounds weird/contradicting....
I guess, think of Northern Lights (aka The Golden Compass...which hopefully a lot of you have read IF NOT GO RIGHT NOW; IT'S FREAKING INCREDIBLE; THE MOVIE IS SHIT)

like, it involves a world where your soul takes the form of an animal, who stays by your side til you die...... and the world's so full of color and exciting detail and and *___* you know? I'm not going to say it's "childish" cuz that has negative connotations but... it's so interesting and fun *_*! But at the same time there are darker underlying themes like kidnappings and political corruption and etc etc.
I'd give other examples but they're freaking obscure.

I also like stuff that involves wars.

If you know of anything, please please please tell me.

I'll probs delete this laterrrr
///sorry i won't be able to get around to many messages til tomorrow ;u;!! i'm not ignoring you guys i promise gah! just busy uvu
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Yaranaika Bunchie by MrShrikeYaranaika Bunchie by MrShrikeYaranaika Bunchie by MrShrike
galloping into ur soul

dont say i didn't warn you.
ok pls don't tell me I wasn't the only one that freaked out at these wtf

Create-a-Guardian :3

Here are the current beautiful entries!!…



Contest: create your own Guardian


  • First place: $30 (or equivalent dA points, but note there's a tax) + a medium-detailed pic by me + feature 
  • Two Runner-ups: $10 (or eq. dA points) + a chibi by me + feature


May 4, 2014 (tentative)


I'm not sure how many of you are familiar with my charries, but most of the ones featured in my gallery are Guardians, which are basically half-human and half-god peeps.
 2 or 3 people in the past have asked to make their own Guardian charries. I loved the idea of other people's interpretation of them, so hence this contest :3

Basics: what is a guardian

Guardians were regular humans once. Humble students that had proven they're able to stand the physical and mental demands of being linked to a god.

//Some are more qualified than others.....though, you can never REALLY know who'll be a good Guardian until the person and god have some time to get used to each other

The god that a Guardian receives is determined by their “soul code.” Basically, that means you'll receive a curse similar to who you are deeeep inside. If you try to connect a curse that's too different from you, the linking won't work properly and you'll go insane. *whispers* hint: you'll die */whisper*

For example, Indi is outgoing, enthusiastic, free-spirited, kinda crazy etc. Her curse is Yokomo, god of wind.

Anna/Sin is an example of someone who's “soul code” probs seems different than her outside personality, which is the case for many people. She seems pretty quiet and distant, but her curse is Ukudor, god of rage.

However, not all curses are “Gods of ___”. These curses are weaker in terms of strength. But again it's not physical strength that determines who you're linked to when you're a Guardian. It's your inner qualities.

Example is Ren's curse, Xzavier. It's a very weak god, comparatively speaking. But has the same fierce loyalty as Ren.

~ ~ ~

Ok, those are the very basics. I literally have a 70 page document that goes into detail of Guardians, but I'd prefer to see what you guys come up with :3

Your epic Task

Your task is to make your own Guardian. Which means:

Character: you must have a base charrie! It can human or anthro, be yourself, a character you've already invented, or a new character altogether.

God: you must have a god linked to said human! There's an infinite amount of gods for an infinite amount of things/non-things. Make one up or steal one from Greek Mythology or any kind of mythology. It's up to you. It just needs to have similar qualities as your human.

Theme: it can be modern, steam-punk, any time period. My particular Guardians are from a modern period but don't feel limited to that.

Last details:

  • All Guardians have three tapering stripes on their LEFT cheek (so that other ppl know they're a Guardian, even when they're in their total-human form).
  • They wear a collar for reasons that have to do with controlling the curse. Collar can be any design.

  • Guardians that are still students wear white uniforms
    • Ex: Indi again (tho this ref is super outdated) indigo the idiot by indui
    • The other colors depend on the school colors. (purple for Indi)
  • Those who have graduated wear black ones
    • Ex: Sin again 9-407 by indui
    • It's accented with their curse's "Blood" color (Gods don't actually have blood, but they needed a word for it; it's the glowy bits. Red for Sin)

They've got their free-dress days of course :3 If you want to give them a uniform, you can use these pics as inspiration. If you don't, that's fine too! 

** EDIT: HERE'S A BETTER (more organized) DESCRIPTION of how all this stuff comes together:

refthing by indui
And here are some different Guardians and their curses:

 Resurrection by indui  Dragon Rider by indui Intruder intruder AHHH by indui Xzavier by indui Para Bellum by indui

~ ~ ~


Once you have those, you can make a simple bust-up with a description of who they are and their god etc. Or you can make a picture of them eating some cake. Or a ref sheet. Again, format is totally up to you.
Keep in mind: it will be MAINLY be judged on the detail BEHIND the character/god team. I like creative stuff. A really interesting charrie with mediocre art will win over a not-interesting-at-all charrie with awesome art.

I know this is a huge journal for a mini-contest, but I say “Mini” because I don't want this to be a picture that you spend 9384759838 hours on XD I'm just interested in your ideas. :3 *crawls into ur brain non-creepily*

The Prizes

  • First place: $30 (or equivalent dA points) + a medium-detailed pic by me + feature on my page for a while (I'd say a month)
  • Two Runner-ups: $10 + a chibi by me + feature on my page for same time

All entrants will be featured in my journal :3 


I know people are busy and stuff, so I'll make the TENTATIVE deadline two months from now.
I'll extend it if necessary, but again, this is a MINI contest!!! As you can see by my sparse prizes, I don't expect a masterpiece.

And this is one of those contests where you can submit as many pics as you want, but you can only win once.


Fear our wrath.

OK SO... If you're interested in entering, please leave a comment (of fav if that suits youbetter?). I'm currently estimating 15 or so entries (based on the poll), but if any more enter I'll do my best to add a few more prizes.

~FINE PRINT:~ Please note that you DON'T own rights to this character! Yes, if you turned your own charrie into a Guardian, your charrie non-Guardian-ified is still yours, but not the Guardian form. Likewise, if you make a completely new charrie into a Guardian, the "species" is still copyrighted to me. You're free to make a story behind them for this contest, but nothing else outside it. Sorry bout that.


OK, so I meant for this to be a really open-ended thing, but I guess that can also come across as confusing XD So I'll answer a few questions I've been getting more than once:


-Is there a specific format you want?
Any format is acceptable, whether it's a sketch, a ref sheet, a mini comic, or a full-fledged picture. Whatever you believe it'll take to show/describe your Guardian. (I'd really like to see something that incorporates both the human and the god in some way, though <3)
What I'm really looking for is the detail behind them. That's up to you as well. You can put that in your artist description, or somehow put it in the image itself. 

-Are cross-overs okay?
For this contest YES. It's completely okay to put this charrie in a pre-existing story (your own, someone else's etc). Actually it's ENCOURAGED because it would really help in terms of character depth. However, please see the fine print at the bottom of this journal :XD:

YOU DON'T NEED TO DO THE UNIFORM! If you really want to, that's awesome. You can also loosely base your own uniform off them, or make a new one altogether. Or not give your Guardian a uniform at all. Tis all fine and dandy.

Other things: No, the god doesn't have to be a dragon XD Most of mine are because I like dragons. And yes any time period is swell! Medieval, modern, whatever floats your boat. 

In general, when in doubt the answer is probably "YEAH THAT'S FINE!" But if you want a for-sure answer, feel free to ask :3
I may expand this FAQ a little more as time goes on, but I won't update the journal anymore. 

Under normal circumstances this journal would be gone. But I want to showcase :icondykah:'s genius so it stays.

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Sketch requests?

Journal Entry: Fri Feb 28, 2014, 8:49 PM
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HURRAY FRIDAY NIGHT after a long week of studYING i want a break. but at the same time i wanna be productive. 

to get some practice, im opening sketch requests. as in I do a quick sketch and color it really quick on SAI or something.

just leave a link to a charrie/creature below. I probably won't draw EVERYTHING ppl give. but I'll try to sketch a good amount :3

update: i'm posting them heeere :B 

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just one of those days

Journal Entry: Sat Feb 22, 2014, 3:27 PM
Gallery :bulletred:Add me :bulletred: Note me :bulletred: commission :bulletred: FAQS

I was looking through my deviation inbox and I saw some arts that I liked and I thought "Huh, I should go watch them."

yeah I think it's been a long week XD

In other news my mummy got engaged AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH
i'm really excited
because that means I'll be in another wedding.


last time I was flowergirl, I forgot to throw the flowers

it is time for me to redeem myself :icontearplz:

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<edit>omg u guys no :iconcryforeverplz: I just logged back on and now I cry because you're all so neat. thanks for being so supportive even tho I'm being such a whiny child right now like srsly hnggggg ;_________________; THANK YOU :icontearplz: </edit>

:iconlazycryplz: ok this is something that's been in my system a while and im sorry if it makes you angry but.

to all ppl seeing this AHG IF YOU WANT TO UNWATCH ME JUST DO IT RIGHT NOW OK yes i know my art isn't as good as it was a few yrs ago so if that's what ppl are expecting just plssss unwatch me now. 
I'm saying this cuz seriously every new picture I submit like 10 people unwatch me and I know this is a stupid thing to keep track of/give a shit about, and I didn't used to do this sort of thing, but ever since after my haitus I've been self-conscious about all the things and now I can't help it D: it's just an issue I've had, where I base how good of a person i am on whether other people approve of me. Yeah maybe that's not the best outlook but I can't change it. 
Basically, since I've noticed all these people going away every when I submit stuff, it's giving me this weird feeling like, there's an audience of people who can't wait for me to post my art and see that it's crappy art so they have a good reason not to look at my stuff anymore. "Omg indi, why should u even care...." I KNOW I SHOULDN'T CARE BUT I CANT HELP IT OK I know it sounds selfish but it's just a mindset and it's really really impossible to shift out of. It's the only thing my brain comes up with.

honestly I want to start all over, like get rid of my art and get an account on some other place or whatever so I can quit comparing myself to it, but at the same time, I've already invested so much time here. and as much as having a huge audience of skeptics freaks me hella out, I've also met a few really amazing people that make it worth staying;; 
plus starting over would be like admitting total failure which I'm really not good at coping with lawl.... :P

tldr: right now unwatch me if you don't want to watch me NOW!!! thank.

You don't need to comment.
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im so old

Journal Entry: Sat Jan 25, 2014, 10:06 PM
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Well, in 2 days I'm 20 AKA FREAKING OLD *grabs cane* 

To celebrate, I'll be taking 3 midterms this week. and another one the next week. just fyi I won't be online much in that time...

So I'm being proactive with this journal. thank u so much to :iconredcyclon: for the beautiful picture ;;
Come Fly With Me by RedCyclon
I still have 250+ messages to get thru amg so I'm really rly sorry if I still haven't replied/commented on stuff... and it might be another several days before I do. I promise I'm not ignoring you guyzzz life is just really insane right now.

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Journal Entry: Thu Jan 16, 2014, 1:21 PM
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Ok first, in response to my previous journal about introverts: thanks so much everyone for your comments ;; a lot of them were really insightful. It's easy to feel sorry for yourself (and by that, I mean it's easy for me to feel sorry for myself) rather than think extroverts get sorta picked on too, tho in different ways :P society seems to condone the lifestyle of an extrovert more, but that also seems to have an added pressure (among other things that you all described much better than I can :P)
Also, I just wanted to say the journal wasn't actually a vent in terms of my friends XD maybe it seemed like it. I'm really lucky to have people that respect my space and privacy. It was more about all the stuff I read about online or kinda overhear, and from my own family members.

~ ~ ~

SECONDLY I've been thinking about this topic a while:
It came up "seriously" like 2 months ago in a conversation with my sister actually. 

It's becoming a trend in popular YA books and sometimes it's done well (like imo, Harry Potter series) and sometimes...NOT well (not naming names but...cough Allegiant and Mockingjay cough)

I think MAJOR characters have to die in a certain way that's adjacent to their values and their purpose of the story, but at the same time, with just enough realism that it feels "real." Kinda like how dialogue works-- it should feel real without actually BEING real. As we know, dialogue in real life is full of filler that "doesn't advance the plot" (lol). And number one rule of story-telling (probably just as important as "show, don't tell") is EVERYTHING SHOULD ADVANCE THE PLOT - whether it's character development or the actual storyline or etc. Preferably both at once, to be most efficient.

However, some will argue that making a character's death more "randomized" will make it more realistic. I think this is effective..>IFF< ("if and only if" according to my Math306 professor lol) the rest of the story is told in the same realistic style! Example: Band of Brothers, TV series about WWII. Also Game of Thrones (first book at least..). If you make it clear that your story is a "No one's safe" story, then right on. That's a hella good way to hold a reader/viewer's attention because all you know about story structure (ex: The Hero's Journey) is thrown out the window, and you can't really predict what's gonna happen. Extra credit times a thousand if the readers/viewers connect with said characters...

Honestly, this concept's a lot harder to explain than I thought, because this is more like an intuitive thing XDD But basically, when a main character dies, you're supposed to feel a deep loss, not confusion or "wtf"-ness, which would pull you out of the story.

I guess.. for example, you wouldn't take a character like Ron Weasly through all those adventures in the HP series... and half through the seventh book, he dies because he fell down a staircase and hit his head.
That would not fly. That's a pretty extreme example, but I think you catch my drift. 

Basically, if a major character dies, it's gotta advance the story somehow!! In theme, in plot, in another charrie's development...if not, then people will complain it's only there for shock value or the author's convenience (aka laziness).

AND your intentions should be clear (COUGH you should not have to write a blog entry explaining to readers why your character had to die because everyone is pissed off and confused COUGH veronicaroth).

That's just my opinion :D What do you guys think?

Features from my previous journal because I'm a poop and forgot last time XD

:iconpinklionart: :3 Finally its today by PinkLionArtMerry Christmas Everyone! by PinkLionArtBig Brother *Remake by PinkLionArt
:icondykah: hans by Dykah Bad-ass Babes by Dykah Comp by Dykah
:iconsilverfang07:  Ghost by silverfang07 Hashibara by silverfang07 Pokechallange Day 31 FINAL by silverfang07
:icon60-six: Walk Through the Woods by 60-SixBelly of the Beast by 60-Six
:iconbaaoju: RC casual AU doodle dump by baaoju Kuta + Futa by baaoju happy christmas by baaoju
:icondaphfloconmojo: WATDT - page 77 by DaphfloconMojo +S-C+ Three little hunters and... by DaphfloconMojo Looking at the moon by DaphfloconMojo
:iconkematic: Mandy by Kematic TIME FOR SOM FOOTBAAWW by Kematic Mit Enderson by Kematic
:icontajii-chan: Alexander by Tajii-chan When Winter Is Over by Tajii-chan Of Sand And Sea by Tajii-chan
:iconkightster: 15th Century Knight commision by Kightster
:iconmisslunarose:  Help! I have a Mary Sue!
You know that you have a Mary Sue when she upsets the monochromatic color scheme of my Writer's Guides.
Mouse over blue text to see a note.
Internet communities often lash out at writers who create Mary Sues. Declaring the writing to be below their standards, they proceed to punish the creators. They mock the characters, verbally abuse the writers, and write hyperbolically about how much they wish the characters would die.
Bullying writers (who may be very young) is only going to make them afraid to write—and therefore improve—or share their work. Not only that, but it discourages other writers from speaking for fear of public mockery, and it may silence the voices that could someday become great.
If you've directly or indirectly suffered from the abuse of such individuals, let me first apologize on their behalf. I don't care if your story stinks so much that it can be smelled from fifty miles away; mocking you for it is cyberbullying. If you find people who try to h
 Development of a Mary Sue by MissLunaRose New Writer's Guide (Friday, Nov. 8th) by MissLunaRose
:iconnoxivaga: CO: Token by Noxivaga Uh Oh, We're Not Alone by Noxivaga Amber by Noxivaga

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why does everyone have to pick on introverts? -_-

Journal Entry: Thu Jan 9, 2014, 11:30 PM
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I'm so tired of people assuming there's something wrong with introverts. Some of us need to be alone/need more space than others. It doesn't mean we're unhealthy.

Like why is it such a big deal that I would rather stay in on a friday/saturday night and draw or read? I've been to parties and i've been drunk and I go out and whatever but it's just not MY idea of fun 90% of the time; conversely, reading or drawing is not SOMEONE ELSE'S idea of fun.

Why is this such a hard concept to grasp??? Ughhhhh.

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My stylus hath returned. (more features!)

Journal Entry: Thu Jan 2, 2014, 7:18 PM
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Hurray my stylus arrived in the mail today :D unfortunately it's a bit chubbier than my old one. I was able to fix it by changing the settings, making it more sensitive for the same amount of force, but it's still a tiny bit less precise. But I doubt it'll make much difference <:

Other news: not much. 

Second HERE ARE THE FEATURES from the last journal :D

Conductor Melody by Banzaigirl260   (for some reason the other two thumbs aren't showing up! :\ they work fine when I write the journal, but when I submit it they disappear... sorry :(!

Wanna Let Go Of All The Sorrow by SkyLandWarrior Jethro by SkyLandWarrior Stripes and Dots by SkyLandWarrior

Rainy City by Pheoniic Autumn Syndrome by Pheoniic Yaz Plz by Pheoniic

HNX 2 by Gatling-Cannon Silivia by Gatling-Cannon Ice Reaper by Gatling-Cannon

Sunset by ChiiSaku Winter Greetings by ChiiSaku ..:Happy Birthday Indui:.. by ChiiSaku

Luna Piena by Cerylune The Unsung by Cerylune Jungle Sluice by Cerylune

Eternal Water Amy by Soranova Pony art gift by Soranova Merry Xmas From Soranova by Soranova 

Bishiepoopooforhaley by Sachiko-the-biscuit Arisedetail by Sachiko-the-biscuit Commission-xsoul-chanx by Sachiko-the-biscuit

Red-Haired Shanks by Quicksilver-88Elsa Keba by Quicksilver-88Carrie Savage Tribute by Quicksilver-88

Again, first 10 to comment (if there are 10) can be featured in my next journal:)

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Things.. plus comment for features =D

Journal Entry: Sun Dec 29, 2013, 7:49 PM
Gallery :bulletred:Add me :bulletred: Note me :bulletred: commission :bulletred: FAQS

First of all, I'd like to feature my friend RedCyclon , who's been working on this beaded toothless for aGES and it turned out super great:
Bead Toothless v.1 - first look by RedCyclon like seriously, look at all those beads O______O

Second, I just want to say I've been feeling a lot better lately. And thanks to all the people that took the time to write a message, by note or comment or whatnot to me in that time--I might not have responded to all, but it really made a huge difference, and I feel super lucky for such genuine support from you guys. Even though I haven't been active, like, at ALL. Seriously, thank you <33
Going off on that, I realized that maybe I'll never be as active as I used to on this site, but I'd still like to (to an extent) be involved in ze art community, especially since my college MAJORLY LACKS all things related to art :XD: I'll try to keep commenting on your guys' art and stuff, even though it might be a ... little bit late 8D Anyway ~ First 10 people (if there are 10, at least) to comment will be featured in my next journal c:

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indi stop posting these useless journals

Journal Entry: Mon Nov 4, 2013, 5:23 PM
Gallery :bulletred:Add me :bulletred: Note me :bulletred: commission :bulletred: FAQS

interesting things that have happened to me since last time:

In other news, beginnings suck...........
I've lost track of how many times I've redone my story's first 10 pages D:
And the longer I work on it, (and really the whole shebang) the worse I feel. I mean, I've dedicated most of my life to working out this thing. To plotting and characters and stuff. It's gone through a lot of change, and those changes came from a lot of personal stuff. It's basically grown with me. Any of yall with stories, you know the feeling.

And it makes me think.... is anyone even going to read this? And even if anyone DOES, will anyone even LIKE it? 

There are no guarantees and it's freaking terrifying. I hate the thought of spending all these years on a project that will just turn out mediocre. (or plain awful).

And that's not even the end of it. Even if I do finish it and work out all the loose ends and stuff, and even if by chance it's not just mediocre, the possibility of getting a book sold to a decent publisher is sooo small. And the possibility of it getting a broad readership are a fraction of that small amount. 

Alright. The deepest truth. To be honest, I wouldn't care if hardly anyone read it. I don't want to sound vain, but the thing I want most is there to at least be SOMEONE out there that is touched by it in some way. Ever since I started it, this dumb thing has helped me, acting like a "hope vent." I want just one person who could read it and recognize the struggles, and give that someone a little hope or something...

I dunno. Obviously I wouldn't mind a LOT of people reading it, but it'd feel kinda pointless if no one was really affected by it in the end, if you know what I mean. 

Neghh. Sorry about the vent... though honestly I'm not sure if there's like anyone who watches my stuff anymore XD I've been so inactive. I feel really bad... but college is SO busy //sleepdeprivedandfooddeprived

I know I say this all the time, but it's cuz I MEAN IT! - I really appreciate every single comment and watch ;; you guys are awesome.. I'm sorry I can't do much to repay it anymore!

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ffffffeatures for all you wry is everyone so insecure about their art HNNGGG

:iconninjakato:  Sheer Dumb Luck by NinjaKato [Vorax flamma] (Video added) by NinjaKato 

:iconairashiinetsu:   Outer Science by AirashiInetsu 

:iconrashirou: Haru wo Shiraseru Mono by Rashirou Green Flight by Rashirou 

:iconfrizzchan: Lil Shinrin-tan by FrizzChan LoO: Festival of Colors by FrizzChan 

:iconkumadi: StarDriver: Takuto Tsunashi by kumadi PointC: DarkSena by kumadi 

:icondespereaux-7: Story and Prin by Despereaux-7Theodore And Day by Despereaux-7

:iconkematic:  Little Red by Kematic Zig by Kematic

:iconvitojoseph: {MIX - Request and gift} - mimi and chasu bb by VitoJoseph  PRACTICE IDFK by VitoJoseph

:iconrienlen: Averalsi by rienlen  I WANT YOU TO REVOLUTIONIZE by rienlen

:icondaphfloconmojo: Kid Icarus - Dark Pit fan art 1 - colored by DaphfloconMojo Kid Icarus - Pit fanart 1 - colored by DaphfloconMojo

:iconrar1990: .:First Swim:. by rar1990 Kathiekat by rar1990 

i'll do a part 2 l8r for the rest of yall >8D

... wow my art got really shitty lately

and then you kinda cry like :icontearplz:

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I'm sorry!! There are several replies and notes that I haven't answered yet... I promise I will soon! heeeeeeeee

School starts on the 25th for me....Using up the last few weeks of summer with finishing:
-commission cover (dA)
-$6 commish (dA)
-a gift (dA)
-3rd draft of my story (almost done! just a few more chapters!)
-reviewing chem, math and things for fun (and so that it doesn't kick my ass when class starts...............)
-learning to program with Python thanks to a nifty site called "codeacademy" (free) (I learned MatLab last year in school, so it's coming quite easily :) )
-skype with my sister who is currently at CalArts and I am majorlya little curious

and of course being a little more active on dA :XD:

But anyway, not much to see here....


*slinks away*

but it is almost school...
so I will probably not art very long, and then i'll run out of time again...




If I owe you a drawing of any kind please remind me HERE so I can have them all in one's been so long I've completely forgotten what I owe. And PLEASE don't feel bad about bugging me. I've been really bad about getting art done as of late...and that's really terrible of me D:

1. :iconkrystalpaige: - Cover illustration
2. :icondykah: - $6 trade thing
3. :iconredcyclon: - $6 commish
4. ???
5. ???
6 etc????

Please tell me here!
(also, I plan to finish some gifts.. hopefully this will all be soon ahhg)
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practically 9 straight months of work and 479 pages and 106,658 words (and over 100 extra pages of rejected sections. YA NO KIDDING -___-) AMG my cheeks felt funny when I typed the last sentence. Is that weird???? I DONT CARE BUT IM REALLY HAPPY. Now I'm putting it away and NOT looking at this piece of junk until the end of spring term........... alksjdlkfjlskj yeah I'm hoping to cut it down to more like 100,000 words BUT FOR NOW IM JUST GLAD IT'S DONE AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH okay again I'm really sorry I haven't been around to messages from LAST MONTH UGH but life is determined to make me busy JUST when I think I have time. I have definitely read everything tho and PLZ GUYS KNOW that I'm really appreciative of everything, even though it does take so long to reply:) I promise i luv yall. okay I'm gonna go celebrate with some cake because I'm really any of you guys have success stories with writing stories or finishing a huge art project? harhar. Still remember the exact place you finished it? XD

ps what was the april fools' joke this year? B: